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Aesthetic gymnastic

Sport plays a very important role in our life. People go in for sport in order to control their health, to develop their body and certainly to reach some results.

There are a lot of different kinds of sport in our modern life. Some people are fond of football, some of tennis, and also there are many girls who prefer from all kinds of sports gymnastic. There are many types of gymnastic such as sport gymnastic, rhythmic gymnastic, sport aerobics.

Aesthetic group gymnastic is a new kind of sport in Russia. But it was invented more than fifteen years ago in Finland. And it has been developing very quickly all around the Europe.

Nowadays aesthetic gymnastic is very popular in many countries such as: Russia, Finland, Estonia, and Poland, Check republic, Bulgaria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and others.

People prefer to call aesthetic group gymnastic- gymnastic between sport and ballet. Really those who had a chance to visit the competition on this gymnastic could not stay indifferent to it. The performance of any team is a mighty show with the extraordinary difficulty, synchronism and with masterly elements of acrobatics.

Aesthetic gymnastics is a group kind of sports. Teams can consist of six or ten girls. Girls older sixteen can participate in the competitions on aesthetic gymnastic. So this gymnastics is for those who have enough energy and power to continue sport life as more as possible.

Like all the sports the aesthetic group gymnastics is based on the general rules, which were worked out by the specialists of this kind of sport and accepted by the International Federation.

The main elements of this kind of gymnastic are the body movements. They can be quit different for example: waves, swings, relaxation, bending, rotations and others.

Also there are some additional groups such as jumps, pivots, balances.

Judging in the aesthetic gymnastic consists of three panels. The first one is the Technical value. This panel of judges counts the compulsory elements of the routine. The second panel is the Artistic value. The main purpose of the judges in this panel to consider which team is the strongest in the artistic impression, and whose composition corresponds to the demands of the aesthetic gymnastic. The third panel is the Execution value. These judges count mistakes of each gymnast in the team.

Aesthetic Group gymnastic (AGG) is very popular, only in Finland there are more 150 teams. Also the best specialists of this sport work in the clubs of Finland. And sometimes our clubs invite them to Russia to work with the Russian teams to help girls to understand the principles of the aesthetic gymnastic much better.

In Russia this new sports also receive the support to be developed. At the end 90th years of past century the first groups appeared in our country and clubs of the aesthetic gymnastics. At April 2002 Russian federation of the aesthetic gymnastics was created. The Representatives of Russia have begun to take part in international competitions on AGG from 2002, during which time Russian teams won the World Championship (the team «Roxett» Tula), Cup of the World, conquered the repeated victories and prize places in the international competitions of different levels and for different age groups.

In November 2008 the Director of «Mosoblgosekspertiza» Igor Evgenievich Goryachev was elected as the president of the Russian federation of aesthetic gymnastics. With his election development of this kind of sports received a new pulse in Russia.

The large program of developing Aesthetic Gymnastics has begun to be realized, providing serious changes to its organizing-management structure, financial and economic activity, transition on modern principles and methods of control development this sport in our country.

And the successes of Russian gymnasts on the international arena have not forced itself long to wait.

In 2009 for the first time Russia received the right to organize the World Championship which was holding on very high level in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Two Russian teams “Oscar” and “Madonna” took the second and the third places in that competition what really was a large success.

XII World Championship on aesthetic gymnastics took place on June 2011 in Tartu (Estonia), in which 26 teams from 12 countries participated. The Russian team “Madonna” became the Winner of the World Championship 2011, and in the team competition our three groups “Madonna”, “Nebesa” and “Oscar” won first place.

In nearest plan of Russian Federation to do the best to include AGG in to the program of the Olympic Games.

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